Friday, January 21, 2011

Warning: N.J. State Police & Hollow Points

The N.J. State Police Firearms Unit has requested that the N.J. Division of Criminal Justice reconsider its guidance regarding the possession of hollow nose ammunition by retired officers.  Bottom line, Retired LEOs cannot legally carry hollow nose bullets in New Jersey unless the RLEO is LEOSA compliant. 
We will discuss this issue in detail at our upcoming LEOSA seminar.

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  1. This info is not correct. With the signing in to law of LEOSA dated last Oct. The State police do not need to seek "guidane" concerning JHP. The state attorney office needs to sned out up dated information that takes in to consideration the passing of LEOSA. Fedral Law trupms state law. If you are covered under LEOSA then you can legally carry JHP which is not a violation of the NFA. The State Attorney is just dragging there feet on this, the requirement to have a NJ issued ID card and age restriction all of which are NOT required if you have a retired credential,have a current qualification card. The magazine restrictions still stand as the LEOSA did not incorparate that aspect.